That`s A Wrap


Our Summer Series Tour wrapped up this Labour Day weekend at the 165 the Annual Harrow Fair. The weekend started off with one of our favourite events, The Annual Pie Auction. We were happy to bring home 3 award winner pies and by doing so, we were able to do our part in contributing to the over $32,000.00 that was raised by the community for the John McGivney Foundation. The John McGivney Children’s Centre and its predecessor organizations have maintained a strong commitment to children with special needs and their families, fulfilling the Centre’s mission of helping them reach their full potential.

The delicious pies didn’t last very long as the County / Coxon Team volunteers filled their bellies in preparation of a weekend taking photos, signing autographs for fans and selling Heavy Rescue 401 apparel with all proceeds going to the John McGivney Foundation. “It is really great to meet so many people that are fans of the show. I think the general public is really starting to understand the dangers of the job and recognize that it`s important to slow down and move over when they see ALL emergency personnel on the side of the Highway,” said company President
Derek Didone Sr.

Unfortunately gloomy weather and rain had us packing up early on Sunday afternoon, however when it was all said and done, we were still able to present the John McGivney Foundation with an addition $1500.00 that will go toward the children’s recreation program.

“Its a really rewarding experience to be able to give back to the community. I was truly impressed after visiting the John McGivney Center. The people over there are doing some pretty great things and helping a ton of people. I’m glad we could help out a little,” explained Company Vice President Derek Didone Jr.